Meet Rita

Rita has been working on Butterfly Ward as a Healthcare Assistant since 2006!

“I have worked as a Healthcare Assistant on Butterfly Ward since 2006. When I first started, I was worried that I would not be able to complete the tasks and duties expected of me, but the supernumerary period at the beginning enabled me to have protected time to learn the skills required to care for patients.

I decided to work on Butterfly Ward because it really interested me, and I wanted to gain experience working with international patients and learn about their different backgrounds and cultures. I love working and communicating with patients and their families and my proudest moments are when children we have treated visit us again. When they return to the ward and remember me it really warms my heart.

I really love my role. Healthcare Assistants support the nurses with the day-to-day care of patients as well as provide direct patient care at the bedside. We are always on hand to make sure the ward is running as smoothly and efficiently as possible and to help in any way that is required. The team are always there for each other regardless of role or seniority and they make working here a real joy. Everyone is friendly and every individual brings their own flair and expertise to the ward. I have learnt a lot from working on this ward because of the different ways that people around me work and the new ideas they bring. I’ve also found that when I have had any concerns the ward managers have always been there to listen to me and support me.”

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