General Paediatrics

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The General Paediatric team provides medical input across the hospital to support and improve holistic care for children and young people at Great Ormond Street Hospital. 

We consult on a range of issues including acute illness, nutrition, neonatal care, growth and development, as well as specific issues around safeguarding. Many of our referrals come from surgical and mental health specialties. 

22q11 Deletion Syndrome Clinic

The 22q11 Deletion Syndrome Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic led by the General Paediatric Team.  Members of the team include Consultant General Paediatricians, Consultant Paediatric Immunologist, Specialist Speech and Language therapists, Consultant Psychiatrists and Psychologists. The clinic is designed to ensure every child and young person with 22q11 Deletion syndrome receives appropriate care and long term follow up. We aim to see children at diagnosis and then at important milestones in their childhood, including transitioning to adult health care. This is important because the needs of children and young people with 22q11 Deletion syndrome can change over time.

Conditions we treat

  • Growth and development 
  • Nutrition and hydration 
  • Acute medical complications – such as acute asthma, rashes and infections 
  • Common paediatric problems – failure to thrive, eczema, anaemia 
  • Medical complications of mental health problems 
  • Comprehensive assessment and liaison around patients with multiple complex problems 
  • Safeguarding 
  • Unexplained medical presentations 
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome 

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