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Nursing staff discussing cases on Butterfly Ward


The Dermatology department is the largest paediatric unit of its kind in the UK. We offer a broad range of services for paediatric patients who have severe skin disorders, seeing around 4,300 children each year as outpatients and hundreds more as inpatients and day patients. 

We provide an excellent diagnostic and treatment service, and support research into the cause and treatment of severe disease affecting the skin. 

Conditions we treat

  • All types of birthmarks 
  • Complex vascular malformations 
  • Chronic bullous disease of childhood 
  • Congential melanocytic naevi 
  • Disorders of pigmentation 
  • Epidermolysis bullosa 
  • Haemangiomas 
  • Hypomelanosis of ito 
  • Ichthyosis 
  • Incontinentia pigmenti 
  • Large moles and other brown marks 
  • Lymphatic malformations 
  • Mongolian blue spot 
  • Morphea 
  • Naevus of ota 
  • Naevus of ito 
  • Netherton's syndrome 
  • Port wine stains 
  • Proteus syndrome 
  • Scleroderma 
  • Venous, glomovenous and arterio-venous malformations 
  • Very severe eczema 
  • Very severe psoriasis 
  • Very severe vitiligo

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