Ms Catherine Miller 

Occupational Therapist 
Ms Catherine Miller 
Ms Catherine Miller 


Ms Catherine Miller’s area of practice includes congenital hand anomalies, vascular malformations and epidermolysis bullosa. She offers hand therapy, splinting and compression garment measurement for children and young people. 


  • Congenital hand anomalies including radial ray dysplasia, hypoplastic thumb, syndactyly, camptodactyly and others 
  • Vascular malformations (venous malformation) and compression garments 
  • Epidermolysis bullosa including hand assessment and specialist splinting 
  • Membership of the British Association of Occupational Therapists  
  • Membership of the British Association of Hand Therapists  
  • Registration with Health and Care Professions Council  
  • Development of patient reported outcome measures 
  • Development of paediatric hand assessment in epidermolysis bullosa 

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