From Dubai office to London wards: how Dr Chapman is supporting families and colleagues during the pandemic

Dr Sue Chapman, Gulf Regional Clinical Manager for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), recently returned to the UK from Dubai to help support the hospital during the current COVID-19 situation. With a background in nursing, Sue knew that she was best placed to help families and staff by being in London to provide hands on support and expertise at GOSH. “We all have a part to play; I'm lucky that I can do this by taking on a new role and using my skills and experience.”

“My role at our Gulf office is to support children, families and our partners and collaborators from across the Middle East.” Sue explains. “I usually work in our office in Dubai with two fantastic colleagues Raakhee and Samah.” Many families travel to GOSH from the Gulf region, and Sue and her team support them from Dubai Healthcare City, providing information and advice about seeking and receiving treatment at GOSH.

Sue decided to return to the UK to be with her husband and to assist her colleagues at GOSH at the beginning of crisis. Here Sue explains her motivation; “I wanted to see how I could help my colleagues in GOSH. I am an experienced Registered Nurse and previously worked in Intensive Care and these were skills that were in high demand. I also wanted to be in the same country as my husband, so we could support each other.”

Since returning to GOSH, Sue has been supporting patients and families returning to the Middle East as well as working with the Chief Nurse’s team to assist with the running of the GOSH ‘Operational Hub’. “The Operational Hub oversees all 'general paediatric' admissions from our partner hospitals as well as co-ordinating our nurse staffing and bed availability for both general and specialist admissions.” Sue describes.

“It’s been great to be back working with such an amazing team, and even more so to see what we’ve been able to accomplish. ”

Sue has been supported by GOSH colleagues and other key workers across the UK capital since she returned to help. “It’s fantastic to see how GOSH has adapted to support the care of children and families as well as helping the wider NHS deal with the crisis. People are being really supportive of each other despite the exceptionally difficult circumstances. This includes people outside of GOSH such as transport workers and shop workers, without whom we can't get to work or have food to eat. I'm really proud to work with such a great team of people both in London and Dubai.”

Sue shares her advice for colleagues and families across the world; “we all have a part to play…for others, their part is to follow the guidance, practice social distancing and stay at home. Whatever your role, each one of us can make a difference. Together we will get through this.”