Доктор Simon Wilkinson



Dr Simon Wilkinson is the head of the Parenting and Child Team at Great Ormond Street Hospital and previously worked for four years as a consultant psychiatrist in the South London and Maudsley Trust. He also manages an outpatient mental health pathway at the hospital for children with physical health conditions. His ethos is to take a holistic approach within a multi-disciplinary context, always focusing on the needs of the child.

Владение языками:

  • French

Квалификация и достижения

  • Neurodevelopmental assessment and the mental health of adolescents. He has particular expertise in working with children and adolescents who have been affected by traumatic experiences or who are going through care proceedings.
  • Neurodevelopmental assessment and the treatment of complex emotional and behavioural difficulties that may result from adverse experiences.

A member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Higher Training in Child Psychiatry at Great Ormond Street Hospital 

Qualified in medicine at St George’s Hospital in London

  • Complex PTSD and neurodevelopmental disorders in children who have experienced adversity

Новости и публикации

Turgoose, D., Kerr, S., De Coppi, P., Blackburn, S., Wilkinson, S., Rooney, N., Martin, R., Gray, S., Hudson, L., (2021) Prevalence of psychological stress reactions in children and parents following paediatric surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis (In press)

Wilkinson, S., DeJong, M. (2020). Dissociative Identity Disorder: A developmental perspective. Advances in Psychiatry, 27(2)1:3

DeJong, M., Wilkinson, S. (2019). Assessment of mental health problems in children following early maltreatment: What will the new diagnosis of complex PTSD add? Developmental Child Welfare, 1 (4), 360-373

Wilkinson, S., Waller, R., & Viding, E. (2016). Practitioner review: involving young people with callous unemotional traits in treatment - does it work? A systematic review. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 57 (5), 552-565

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