Spotlight: Meet Head of Nursing at GOSH International & Private Care

Claudia Gomes-Head of Nursing at GOSH International & Private Care

Welcome to an exclusive interview with Claudia Gomes, the Head of Nursing at GOSH International & Private Care (GOSH International). With a career spanning over 23 years, Claudia brings a wealth of experience and a deep passion for nursing to their role. In this engaging discussion, we explored Claudia's journey, perspectives, and vision for the future of nursing at GOSH International & Private Care.


What inspired you to become a nurse?

I have known since I was 3 years old that I was going to be a nurse. My cousin had a huge traffic accident and I watched her doing wound dressings, which stuck with me. Since then, I have always said I wanted to help people, and here I am 23 years later into my nursing career.


Tell us about your journey to becoming the Head of Nursing at GOSH International & Private Care.

I have had an interesting journey. Born in South Africa, I moved to Portugal at 15. After applying to universities in both the UK and Portugal, I qualified in the UK. I later returned to Portugal, facing a new reality in health care and nursing training. Economic circumstances led me to the UK 11 years ago, where I've worked in various sectors, adapting to new rules and regulations. Now, at GOSH for 9 months, I relish the opportunity to grow further within this specialist Trust.


What is the working culture like at GOSH International?

The working culture at GOSH International & Private Care is both demanding and rewarding. Our diverse workforce and patient cohort create a unique environment. I appreciate how different backgrounds contribute to enhanced patient care through shared learning.


What qualities are essential for a nursing career?

Dedication, kindness, and professionalism are essential qualities for anyone considering a nursing career. These attributes ensure that we provide the best care to our patients.


What opportunities are available at GOSH International and Private Care for nurses to advance their careers?

There are numerous opportunities for growth at GOSH. The GOSH Academy offers a wide range of courses that can be tailored to each nurse's career path, empowering them to advance in their chosen direction.


Can you share an inspiring patient impact story from your nursing team?

One touching example involves an international patient at the end of their life. The family chose to stay in the UK for their child's end-of-life treatment, and our nurses became an integral part of their journey, providing exceptional care and support.


What excites you about leading the nursing team at GOSH International?

I am excited about giving nursing a powerful voice within the hospital. Nurses are at the heart of patient care, and I see numerous projects that can contribute to the growth of our directorate.


How do you promote mental well-being among nursing staff?

Promoting mental well-being is a challenge, especially after the changes brought about by Covid. Open conversations, shared experiences, and visible leadership are key. I encourage a culture of kindness and self-care among the staff.


How will you support nurses in maintaining work-life balance at GOSH International?

We offer remarkable flexibility at GOSH, including part-time roles and self-rostering. This approach ensures that our nurses can maintain a healthy work-life balance while providing excellent patient care.


What qualities do you appreciate most in your colleagues?

Honesty, integrity, and kindness are qualities I highly value in my colleagues. These attributes create a positive and harmonious work environment.


What support and resources are essential for nurses to excel in their roles?

Nurses need to feel heard and valued as integral members of the multidisciplinary team. A supportive environment that fosters collaboration is essential for their success.


What are the biggest challenges facing the nursing profession, and how can they be addressed?

The biggest challenge is making the nursing profession attractive again. Despite the difficulties, emphasizing the fulfilling nature of the profession can reignite interest and appreciation.


What changes do you envision for the nursing team in the next three years?

I foresee a nursing team with diverse roles and specialties, contributing significantly to patient care. Our nurses will be presenting at international conferences, sharing their expertise on a global stage.


This interview with Claudia sheds light on the incredible journey and inspiring leadership behind nursing at GOSH International & Private Care. Claudia’s dedication to fostering a supportive and thriving nursing environment reflects a passionate commitment to both the profession and the well-being of patients and colleagues alike.

For more information about nursing at GOSH, or to arrange an informal visit, please contact our Head of Nursing: Claudia Gomes  or Operations Manager - International Recruitment (Nursing): Charlotte Lau

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