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If you're a GOSH parent or carer and are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, you might be interested in our free eight-week virtual mindfulness course led by Dr Fionna Bathgate, one of our clinical psychologists.

Course details

This online eight-week course is free of charge.

It begins on Friday 19 Jan 2024 and finishes on Friday 15 March, with sessions running between 10:30am to 12.00pm.

About mindfulness

Mindfulness-based practice has the potential to lower stress, anxiety and depression. It can promote relaxation, improve concentration and raise self-awareness.

To gain the most benefit, you will need to be able to attend most of the sessions and have the intention to complete daily meditation practice.

Feedback from previous participants

“Really, really helpful and such a valuable tool to offer, especially given what all the parents of children at GOSH go through. Coping is hard at times and having a way to cope that you don't need anything physical to help you is brilliant.”

“The secondary benefits of sharing the course with a cohort of other 'GOSH parents' was as beneficial as the course content itself.”

“Thank you so much - it has made a real difference and I am determined to keep practising.”

“I feel that I can process things I've been through better and deal with what’s to come with a better mindset.”

“Some of the exercises helped positively focus your attention on the things in your life and the world around you. It was good to talk to other parents about their experiences with their children, it helped you feel less alone talking to people who understood.”

Course registration

To request a place on the course, please email Dr Fionna Bathgate at

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