The Family Wall Project at GOSH


Introducing our 'Family Walls': a new artwork in our hospital illustrating the complex journey our patients and families can have at GOSH and the 'GOSH Family' they create along the way.


Celebrating the multitude of teams involved in a patient's care

Families have often shared with us how our hospital can become a home-away-from-home, and for some, like a second family.

We wanted to create something within our hospital buildings that celebrates this and highlights the complex journey our patients and families can have at GOSH.

This sparked our ‘Family Wall’ project, with the idea to showcase our patients with each member of their 'GOSH Family'.

Many people have a special place at home that celebrates their family and we're very proud to call this ours. You'll spot two of them in the corridor along to the Lagoon.

We'd love to fit everyone who's contributed to their care, but we need a much bigger wall! We hope this can honour the wonderful people our families count as their team at GOSH.


Capturing the scale of each 'GOSH Family'

To create this project, we worked together with four GOSH families, capturing them with each member of their 'GOSH family'.

Watch the heart-warming moment Alyssa, Sami, Zayne, Zion, Amelia and Lena, and their families saw themselves featured in our new artwork for the first time.

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