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Tom, Bumblebee Ward manager

Hear from Tom

Tom has worked at GOSH since 2005 and is the Ward Manager of Butterfly Ward. 


I am the Ward Manager of Bumblebee ward in the International and Private Patients Division.  I have been in this role since December 2019

When did you first start at GOSH?

6th June 2005, so yes I've been here ages! 

How long you’ve been at GOSH and what wards you’ve worked on 

As I have been here 18 years, i have moved around at GOSH a bit. 

I started on Starfish (neurology) then Tiger (Neurology) then Koala (neurology/neurosurgery) then Bumblebee (mixed specialities), then back to Koala and then finally care back to Bumblebee/Hedgehog as Matron before becoming the ward manager of Bumblebee

Why you wanted to become a nurse?

Initially I didn’t, I come from a family of health professionals, my Mum was a Matron and I have a sister who is a Chief Nurse and there are 37 nurses in my extended family as well as doctors, physios, radiographers etc etc.  


I initially was going to be a journalist but missed out on the course so did Psychology instead, when I finished my degree I worked with Children and young people with learning difficulties and life limiting conditions and realised I liked working with this cohort of people.  So I came to the UK to train as at the time you could only do Children's nursing as a post registration qualification in Ireland, whereas I could complete the training in the UK in three years. 

Why you chose to join GOSH and why International & Private Care?

I came to GOSH a bit by accident, as I had had a job in Leeds fall through and had in the interim applied for jobs all over the country.  

GOSH offered me the opportunity to come for a visit so I came, met some of the teams had a tour and on the train back to Yorkshire decided I was going to  move to London. 


The plan was to come for three years, get experience and then go back to Ireland or move to Australia….. but i am still here 

What do you enjoy most about being a nurse?

I enjoy being part of a team that supports children and their families at what can be the most vulnerable times in their lives. 

I have been lucky enough to see many of these young people grow up and become adults and feel proud that my small contribution has made a difference in their life.  

I also enjoy the variety and difference as no two days are the same there are always challenges but also a lot of fun too 

Why is international & Private Care a special place to work?

It’s the team here, we are very diverse and come from all over the world, a bit like our patients. 

We care for children from any speciality and this variety means that you are always learning and developing.  

The team is very supportive of each and every member, we lift each other up when we are down and celebrate our successes no matter how small. 

Any challenges whilst working at GOSH that you have faced?

Working Through the Pandemic was no laugh but we got through it even though our service effectively disappeared as all our patients had to return to their home countries. 

 We really pulled together to ensure we were effectively the best in the Trust, leading on care in very challenging times.


Advice for other nurses looking at applying to GOSH International & Private Care?

You will find us very welcoming and supportive and though at times there is chaos there is a lot of fun to be had too.  


The opportunities for development are excellent as you get exposure to every speciality. 


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