Meet Charly

Charly Griffiths, Staff Nurse on Hedgehog ward

Hear from Charly

Charly started at GOSH 7 years ago as a Healthcare Assistant, in her time at GOSH International she has progressed from a HCA to a Nursing associate to now a Registered nurse!


When you started at GOSH? 

I started at GOSH 7years ago as a Healthcare Assistant. In the time I have progressed from a HCA to a Nursing associate to  I did this through the non-conventional route of apprenticeship-based study both with my nursing associate foundation degree and my registered nursing honours degree. I have worked in I&PC since I started working here but during my time studying it has meant I have had the opportunity to do placements in other areas of the trust including intensive care, but my base has always been Hedgehog ward. 

Why you wanted to become a nurse? 

I never thought I wanted to be a nurse but by default and spending time working for the NHS blood service I realised I had a passion for caring and helping people and suddenly nursing was the perfect career for me. 

Why you chose to join GOSH and why International & Private Care? 

Why is international & Private Care a special place to work? I knew that GOSH was where I wanted to work when I began my nursing journey. Being a part of such a fantastic hospital who excels and exceeds in its care, education and research is an honour. Working within I&PC is so diverse, you get to see the majority of specialities that are cared for here at GOSH and it certainly keeps you on your toes, no 2 days are the same. I also love meeting families from around the world who come for the specialised treatment, and it is our job to make them feel safe and supported whilst receiving the best care possible. 

What do you enjoy most about being a nurse? 

Building professional relationships with the patients and their families. Seeing a patient come in needing a lot of interventions and then seeing their progression to get them to a point where it is possible for them to be discharged home safely with improved outcomes is wonderful because you know you have been part of their journey to improving their quality of life. 

Any challenges whilst working at GOSH that you have faced? 

I think in nursing there is always challenges but if you take them head on a persevere, you'll be able to reflect on them and see they were part of your professional development and even personal development. 

Advice for other nurses looking at applying to GOSH International & Private Care? 

Its a fantastic opportunity to expand your knowledge and understanding of the conditions we treat here at GOSH. You have a lot of opportunity to gain a range of clinical skills alongside meeting families from across the world.


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