Kuwaiti doctor shadows world-leading experts in London

 Kuwaiti doctor shadows world-leading experts in London

Kuwait clinician, Dr Yaser Adel Kheraibet participated in the Observership programme at Great Ormond Street hospital (GOSH) in London. The programme enables international medical collaboration between countries, allowing doctors from all corners of the world to share their expertise, observe clinical practice and witness the latest research and technologies that will facilitate better treatment for their patients.

Dr Yaser Adel Kheraibet, a specialist in Paediatric Neurology at Ahmadi Hospital, had the chance to join the GOSH team of experts for a week as part of his third observership. He received a warm welcome at the hospital where he attended daily lectures and meetings and discussed various cases with the other doctors. Dr. Yaser noted that GOSH uses treatment plans that are in line with the latest research and he is now in the position to bring back this knowledge to his hospital and incorporate this in treatment plans, for better disease management. 

“The system at GOSH is one based on respect between all members of the team. Everyone is heard – from junior doctors to senior ones. The focus is on providing the best patient care, and all contribute to sharing ideas to develop the best management plan for the patients,” says Dr Yaser. “I feel part of a bigger and wider team now and know that I can pick up the phone and ask for the help of the doctors at GOSH if I need help on a case”.

His enthusiasm was noted by the doctors, especially his supervising consultant Dr. Prab Prabhakar. “Dr Yaser showed great enthusiasm and motivation during his time here. He had the chance to be exposed to several complex cases where he contributed with valuable treatment ideas. I believe that he would benefit greatly from our paediatric neurology course in the New Year which will allow him to take strong knowledge back to Kuwait and implement it,” concluded Dr. Prab Prabhaker.