Katia’s story

Katia Haddad, Hospitality Services Manager
Katia Haddad, Hospitality Services Manager

Katia is the Hospitality Services Manager for the International and Private Patients Division (IPP). She manages a team of two Hospitality Team Leaders and 13 Hospitality Assistants across three wards. Here she talks about her motivation to join IPP and working with her team on service developments.  

My role is to ensure hospitality and catering standards and expectations are to a high standard. 

I studied both Health Studies and International Tourism & Hospitality Management, and have a keen interest in both. When I came across this role, I was very excited as it combined my background within one role.  

I was determined to get this job, and I was so excited to join the team in January 2017. I absolutely love my job and my team are just fantastic.  

I’ve been involved in new Hospitality service developments alongside a team of managers within IPP and we have been working on an ongoing improvement plan which includes how and what kind of food is provided on the ward.  

We are currently looking at more developments and evolving the service in future, so it’s a very exciting time to be working for IPP!