Dr Rebecca Greenaway


Dr Greenaway is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Paediatric Neuropsychologist working in the Neurodisability team. She has worked at Great Ormond Street Hospital since 2009.  

Dr Greenaway specialises in developmental, cognitive and neuropsychological assessment of children from infancy to adolescence. Based on the assessment she is able to make recommendations relating to educational support needs and strategies for supporting the child in the classroom. She is able to assess for specific learning disorders, such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. She also considers wider emotional, behavioural and social strengths and needs of the child.


Developmental/ intellectual profiles

Specific learning disorders including dyslexia and dyscalculia

Attention and executive functioning

Social communication needs

BSc (Hons) Psychology (University of Bristol), First Class      

PhD Experimental Psychology (University of Cambridge)            

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Institute of Psychiatry, KCL)                      

Post-graduate Diploma in Paediatric Neuropsychology (UCL Institute of Child Health), Distinction                              

Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (QICN)                              

Chartered Clinical Psychologist with British Psychological Society (BPS)

Practitioner Psychologist with Health and Care Professions Council

Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists (SRCN)

Member of BPS Division of Neuropsychology

Register of Psychology Practice Supervisors (RAPPS)

News & Publications

Greenaway, R. & Pring, L. (2019). Visual Disability. In C. Llewellyn, S. Ayers., C. McManus, S. Newman, K. Petrie, T. Revenson and J. Weinman (Eds.) Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine, 3rd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Greenaway, R. & Dale, N.J. (2017). Congenital Visual Impairment. In L. Cummings (Ed.) Research in Clinical Pragmatics. Cham: Springer International Publishing.

Clark, M., Greenaway, R., & Neville, B. (2017). Landau Kleffner Syndrome. In A. Arzimanoglou (Ed.), Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery. John Libbey.

Greenaway, R., Pring, L., Schepers, A., Isaacs, D. P., & Dale, N. J. (2017). Neuropsychological presentation and adaptive skills in high-functioning adolescents with visual impairment: A preliminary investigation. Applied Neuropsychology: Child, 6 (2), 145-157.

Downes, M., Greenaway, R., Clark, M., et al. (2015). Outcome following multiple subpial transection in LandauKleffner syndrome and related regression. Epilepsia, 56 (11), 1760-1766.

Greenaway, R., Davis, G., & Plaisted-Grant, K. (2013). Marked selective impairment in autism on an index of magnocellular function. Neuropsychologia, 51, 592–600.

Greenaway, R., & Howlin, P. (2010). Dysfunctional attitudes and perfectionism and their relationship to anxious and depressive symptoms in boys with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 40, 1179–1187.

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