Dr Naji Barakat

Consultant Paediatrician
Dr Naji Barakat on Hedgehog Ward


Having graduated in 1984 from Benghazi university in Libya, Dr Barakat completed his training in the UK in 2000. Since then, Dr Barakat has worked as a Honorary consultant paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) with a specific interest in neurology and epilepsy.

Having undertaken private work since 2004, Dr Barakat sees children with general paediatric problems include fever, cough and cold, abdominal pain, muscle and joint pain, constipation, urine infection, tiredness, fatigue and any other general paediatric problems. As his special interest in neurology and epilepsy, He can sees children with developmental delay, headache, epilepsy, tics, muscle pain, abnormal walking or gait.

Dr Barakat’s clinic at the International and Private Patients service at GOSH is on Friday each week between 11-1pm however he also sees patients on ad hoc basis.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Arabic


  • General paediatrics and epilepsy in children 
  • Teaching and training 
  • General paediatrics 
  • Children with developmental delay, headache and epilepsy 
  • MB Bch- Benghazi university – Libya- 1984 
  • MRCPCH- Royal college of Paediatrics and Child Health - 1992- UK 
  • MSc epilepsy- Kings College London-2000 
  • CCST- Feb 2001- London Deanery - UK 
  • FRCPCH- RCPCH- UK- 2007 
  • CASLAT (med.Edu)- Imperial College London- 2007 
  • PET- RCPCH- London-2007 

News & Publications


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Co-Author, 2009. Training in Paediatrics, Pharmacology and fluids Chapter. 


Barakat, N., Leumann, E., Willi, U., 1989. Vesico-Ureteric Reflux and renal scaring in infants and Children. Swiss Medical Journal. 119(29) pp. 20.
I presented this in annual meeting of Swiss Paediatric Nephrology Society, Lausanne April 1989, Swiss Paediatric Association, Bern, July 1989.

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Barakat, N., 2007. Interpersonal Skills for the clinicians. Libyan J Med.


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