Our research partners

Great Ormond Street Hospital works in collaboration with numerous academic partners and medical institutions both within the UK and internationally.

University College London (UCL) Institute of Child Health (ICH)

Our primary research partner is the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH).

Academics at ICH and clinicians at Great Ormond Street Hospital work together to form an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood disease. Many individuals hold joint appointments at both institutions.  

This allows us and ICH to work together to translate research from the laboratory into clinical trials in the hospital, and also ensure our research offers a real benefit  to the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital and to the wider community. 

International collaborations

Great Ormond Street Hospital clinicians and ICH researchers also work closely with hospitals, universities and other research organisations all over the world.

We are currently working with more than 60 different international groups alongside researchers from Europe, Africa, Asia and America.

The projects cover a broad variety of topics and populations, including:

  • A European collaborative study on children born to HIV-infected mothers.
  • Research into improving maternal, newborn and child health in low-income countries.
  • Asthma and nocturnal hypoxemia in sickle cell anaemia.
  • The impact of high sex ratios in urban and rural China.
  • Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of SMILEY (a quality of life assessment tool for young patients).

The UK's only specialist paediatric Biomedical Research Centre (BRC)

Our Specialist Biomedical Research Centre (BRC) in paediatrics, now in its fifth year, has made great progress in translating basic medical research into clinical benefits for children.

The designation of BRC status to our joint institution recognises the unique partnership between Great Ormond Street Hospital and the ICH and, specifically, our ability to deliver research that will benefit patients.

Having recently been re-awarded BRC status to support this work until 2017, we are the only Biomedical Research Centre in the UK solely focused on children. This represents the largest grouping of biomedical research dedicated to children outside North America.

Our focus is experimental and translational biomedical research; research that brings basic laboratory scientific advances into the clinical setting to maximise patient benefit.

This stream of research includes driving forward new studies and developing innovative tools for diagnosis and treatment of childhood disease. One of last year's successes was the BRC-supported collaboration, GOSgene, an initiative for sequencing DNA to pinpoint genetic mutations and help with the diagnosis, treatment and counselling offered for congenital disorders.