Birthdays and religious festivals

IMG_3362Annual festivals and birthdays have a special place in the calendar for most children, but being in hospital can mean missing out on all the excitement.

This is why we take particular care and great pleasure at Great Ormond Street Hospital to make sure these important days are not forgotten and our patients get the chance to participate and celebrate.

We hold an Eid party every year to mark the end of Ramadan and celebrate Eid al-Fitr. We give presents to the children and provide entertainment such as children's magicians, games and face painting. We also celebrate Eid al-Adha with presents, cards and sweets.

Christmas is another important date on the calendar at the hospital and Father Christmas usually stops by to hand out presents.

Our patients' birthdays are never ignored either and children will have the opportunity to enjoy more presents and fun.

These special occasions give us a real opportunity for patients, their families and Great Ormond Street Hospital staff to come together to celebrate.

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