Dubai visiting programme

Great Ormond Street Hospital works closely with health authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to provide a visiting programme to share specialist knowledge in paediatric care.  

The hospital works with the Dubai Health Authority and the Ministry of Health in the UAE where specialists, consultants, dietitians, clinical nurse specialists and professionals allied to medicine from the hospital visit the UAE to see children in the comfort of their own environment, rather than have families travel to London. Consultants do not see private patients or run their own clinics. 

Through regular visits, consultants develop direct relationships with the doctors looking after the children in their own country and communication between treating doctors is maintained during the entire course of the child's treatment.

Great Ormond Street Hospital consultants are invited to visit the local government hospitals for a week at a time and offer a programme of ward visits, outpatient clinics, case studies and lectures. The consultants may follow up with children who have had treatment in London or they may review patients in advance of a visit to the United Kingdom (UK).

A consultant's insight into the services provided locally in the UAE is invaluable when planning a child's discharge back to the region and the teams can work together to improve the overall quality of care.