Our nursing team

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Great Ormond Street Hospital has some of the world's leading paediatric nurses caring for some of the world's sickest children.

Our wards are run by our highly qualified nursing team, whose aim is to provide an open and supportive atmosphere. They will ensure that both you and your child are informed and involved throughout the treatment process.

For this reason, we will support you in taking part in your child's care and will encourage older children to participate in certain aspects of their own care. We will look beyond your child's medical condition and seek to care for all of their needs, as well as your needs as parents. We will try to adhere to your routine and meet your cultural, psychological and social needs.

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a teaching hospital so your child will be allocated a qualified nurse on every shift. Qualified nurses will supervise drug administration but, at times, your child may be cared for by healthcare assistants, students working under the supervision of a qualified nurse, or agency staff. These nurses are sourced carefully through our approved children's nursing agency, Pulsebank, and work under the direction of the permanent staff and Ward Manager.

Our nurses are uniquely qualified and trained to treat children with rare disorders who are unable to be treated within their home country or elsewhere within the UK.

To meet some of our nursing team, click here.