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Lowe, Dr Martin

Job Title

Honorary Consultant in Cardiac Electrophysiology



Areas of special interest and special expertise

• Electrophysiology
• Paediatric cardiology
• Treatment of arrhythmias with catheter ablation and pacemaker/defibrillator implantation



• BSc chemistry - First Class Honours
• MB BS with distinction
• PhD - functional characterisation of β4-adrenergic receptor


• Royal College of Physicians of London
• British Medical Association
• British Cardiac Society
• Heart Rhythm UK
• Heart Rhythm Society (USA)

Clinical Director for cardiac electrophysiology at the new Barts Heart Centre since April 2015. Prior to this appointment Martin Lowe was transformational lead for cardiac electrophysiology across The Heart Hospital and Barts Hospital sites.

Martin Lowe has been an Honorary Consultant in Cardiac Electrophysiology at Great Ormond Street Hospital for the last 11 years. He spends one day per week at GOSH performing catheter ablation, implanting cardiac devices, and providing out-patient support for patients with arrhythmias in the setting of a structurally normal heart and congenital heart disease.

Research interests

Martin Lowe is actively involved in clinical research. His research previously focussed on the modulation of cardiac repolarisation by β-adrenergic receptor stimulation. He undertook studies in patients examining the effects of catecholamine stimulation on QT and QT dispersion parameters, demonstrating for the first time β2-adrenergic receptor mediated electrophysiological effects in human ventricle. This was confirmed directly by recording monophasic action potentials from right ventricular myocardium during intra-coronary infusion of a β2-adrenergic receptor agonist. It was for this work that he was awarded the NASPE Young Investigator Award. More recent research has centred on the mechanisms of arrhythmias in patients with congenital heart diease, cardiomyopathies and ion channel disease, and treatment with novel catheter ablation techniques. He is and has been a named investigator for trials including Cabana, EchoCRT, Castle AF and Dinamit.


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Presentations at conferences

Martin Lowe has been involved in the teaching of both undergraduates and postgraduates for his entire career. He is the director for the HeartStart course, which trains Cardiology SpRs from throughout the UK in complex device implantation.

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