Dr Francois Abel

Paediatric Respiratory Consultant
Dr Francois Abel


Dr Francois Abel is the medical lead for the Paediatric Respiratory Sleep Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), having trained in Paediatric Respiratory Medicine and Sleep in the Catholic University of Louvain in Brussels, Sydney Children’s Hospital at Westmead and at GOSH.  In addition, he has a postgraduate certificate in Paediatric Sleep Sciences from the University of Western Australia.

Dr Abel has a wealth of experience in complex lung diseases including rare lung diseases, cystic fibrosis, complex asthma and respiratory pathology as part of multisystemic disorders including neuromuscular disorders, metabolic disorders and spinal disorders. His clinical roles include respiratory leadership and advice within multidisciplinary teams at GOSH such as the neuromuscular team, the cleft team, the spinal team or the metabolic team.

Dr Abel has presented at national and international meetings including the European Respiratory Society, the International Paediatric Sleep Association and the American Thoracic Society. His publications cover topics including the management of upper airway obstruction in Pierre Robin patients, sleep disordered breathing in craniofacial disorders and a research review on paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea amongst others.

His professional priority is to develop the awareness of paediatric sleep and in particular sleep-related breathing and ventilation disorders. This includes managing the increasing cohort of patients requiring chronic ventilation.

His ethos of practice is to deliver professional expert care focused on the patient’s needs while remaining friendly, approachable and accessible.

Dr Abel is also co-chair the British Paediatric Sleep Society. 

Languages Spoken:

  • English, French (native), Spanish (good), Dutch (basic), German (very basic)


  • Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
  • Complex respiratory pathology as part of multisystemic disorders (rheumatology, neurology, metabolic, craniofacial disorders, spinal, oncology)
  • Rare lung diseases
  • Difficult asthma
  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Paediatric sleep medicine
  • Paediatric chronic ventilation
  • Paediatric sleep disordered breathing
  • Paediatric chronic ventilation
  • Respiratory management of patients with neuromuscular disorder
  • Respiratory management of patients with spinal disorder
  • Respiratory management of patients with disease


  • MD, Cum Laude (Doctorat en Medecine, Chirurgie et  Accouchements), Universite Catholique de Louvain (UCL) , Brussels, Belgium (1999)           
  • Specialisation en Pediatrie (Respiratory Paediatrics - UCL-Brussels, Belgium) (2006)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Paediatric Sleep Science  (2011 - University of Western Australia)
  • Fellow of the Royal College Of Paediatric And Child Health (2012)
  • ERS Member of the Paediatric Sleep Group  (7.01- since 2015)
  • Co-Chair of the British Paediatric Sleep Society (since its creation in 2016 –RCPCH recognised)


  • European Respiratory Society
  • American Thoracic Society
  • British Thoracic Society
  • British Paediatric Respiratory Society
  • International  Paediatric Sleep Association
  • Belgian Group of Respiratory Paediatricians
  • Paediatric sleep disordered breathing
  • Clinical outcomes in paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea
  • Arnold-Chiari malformations and sleep disordered breathing
  • Respiratory complications of neuromuscular disorders
  • Intracranial pressure monitoring and sleep disordered breathing in patients with craniofacial disorders

News & Publications

Venekamp RP, Chandrasekharan D, Abel F, Blackshaw H, Kreis IA, Evans HER, Schilder AGM. 2017. Research into Childhood Sleep Disordered Breathing: A Systematic Review. Chest. 152(1) pp. 51-57.

Prentice B, McKay K, Selvadurai H, Robinson PD, Abel F, Fitzgerald DA. 2016. Question 6: Is there a role for Mannose-Binding Lectin measurement in Cystic Fibrosis management? Paediatr Respir Rev. 19 pp. 46-8.

Tan HL, Kheirandish-Gozal L, Abel F, Gozal D. 2016. Craniofacial syndromes and sleep-related breathing disorders. Sleep Med Rev. 27 pp. 74-88.

Abel F, Bajaj Y, Wyatt M, Wallis C. 2012. The successful use of the nasopharyngeal airway in Pierre Robin sequence: an 11-year experience. Arch Dis Child. 97(4) pp. 331-4



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