Parent feedback

Providing the best care for our patients is of paramount importance. Therefore, we work hard to make each patient's time and experience with us as pleasant as possible. We conduct regular surveys to understand the quality of care patients receive while with us, and how we can improve.

We always strive to provide the best care available as part of our world-class service. Our patient surveys are an important indicator of how well we achieve this and we monitor the results very closely so we can implement improvements and ensure our patients' and their families' experiences are positive.

Our recent parent and patient survey results 

Recent in-depth interviews among patients and their families from Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) found their experiences at Great Ormond Street Hospital to be very positive.

Families were extremely pleased with the medical care they received from the hospital and especially the interaction they had with the medical staff:

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital is seen by families to be one of the best children's hospitals in the world.
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital has world-renowned doctors and the hospital comes highly recommended by doctors in the home country of patients.
  • Doctors and nurses are seen as compassionate, competent, open and honest, patient, to have excellent bedside manners, integrity and be willing to answer questions.
  • Families acknowledge the hard work the clinical staff do, especially the nurses, and appreciate the positive attitude in their work.
  • Families were happy with the facilities, especially the cubicles - spacious, private bathroom, clean, additional bed. 
  • Families were very positive about the medical services they received.
  • Families were very happy with the interaction they and their child had with medical staff. 
  • Families were happy about the immediate attention given to their child by medical staff on arrival to Great Ormond Street Hospital.
  • Families were happy about the information given to them about the disease/illness affecting their child and about the treatment programme.

Hear from some of our parents 

About our care:

Abdullaziz Al Shukry

““There are no words to explain how I feel and how much I appreciate everything. This is my hospital; I feel at home here. I love this hospital.”

Jennifer Nwodo

“The nursing staff on Bumblebee Ward where my daughter was treated, were all very supportive and professional. My seven-month old baby was going into surgery and it was a very difficult time for me, but the team on the ward were very kind and understanding. We’ve had a great experience with all of the medical staff at GOSH.”

Rayah’s father

“GOSH has become more than a hospital to us. I feel immense gratitude to the nurses and doctors there. I consider GOSH to be the very best – a place where all the medical services are conducted perfectly, and the treatment from the staff couldn’t be any better.” 

Kuwaiti father

"We came from Kuwait to treat our sick child, who was suffering from a heart problem. At the hospital we experienced very good care, all the staff were professional and they were concerned about our child. The service level was very high for both parents and child, the facilities are very good and in my eyes they are world leaders - the best. Thank you."

Omani mother

"During the six weeks we spent at Great Ormond Street Hospital, we didn't face any problems or difficulties. All the nurses are very cooperative with mums, and they do their duties on a very high level.

"The whole team from the hospital know how to deal with children in a marvellous way. In addition to the hospital care, there is a play specialist who is available during blood tests to make the child calm, sing songs with him and play toys. I have never seen this before and now my child is not scared when having blood tests.”

Saudi mother

"There is a long history of giving and a flowing river that never stops. Many thanks to everyone who has participated, supported or worked to make the hospital as good as it is, and for the care of my child."

Mother from the UAE

"In the beginning I used to hate it when they explained too many details. Thinking back, I am glad they did - now I understand my daughter's condition and know so much about leukaemia." 

Kuwaiti mother

"They never put a needle in my daughters' arms before playing with her and getting her consent. Now she never cries when she has injections."

Kuwaiti father

"They got a small toy with plastic organs and told my son everything about his disease. It was amazing, he felt like he was given more importance and not just a patient."  

Our Eid celebrations:


Mother from the UAE

"On this special occasion to celebrate Eid, may God return happy. I didn't celebrate Eid until your kind invitation to the party. Giving presents and face painting was a great idea which my children loved. The magician showed some amazing card tricks and the sweets were really nice. This all had a big impact on our hearts - you did everything well. Thank you so much."

Kuwaiti mother and father

"It was a very nice initiative from the hospital to celebrate Eid. Thank you."

Omani mother

"Highly appreciated and many thanks for celebrating this joyous occasion, and giving presents and sweets to my child. Thank you."