Providing world-class care and service

Great Ormond Street Hospital has a longstanding reputation as one of the finest paediatric hospitals in the world, always aiming to provide the best possible care. To help us monitor the quality of our services, we measure what we do and how we do it.

Our priorities

The key priority areas for Great Ormond Street Hospital are:

  1. Safety - to reduce all harm to zero.
  2. Effectiveness - to demonstrate clinical outcomes.
  3. Experience - to deliver an excellent experience.

Quality and safety

"Improving the safety and quality of the care we provide to children is our top priority and is at the heart of Transformation."
Dr Jane Collins, Chief Executive, Great Ormond Street Hospital

Transformation is a service redesign programme that aims to improve the quality of care that we provide to children and enhance the working experience of staff.

It comprises four strategic initiatives:

  • zero harm (aiming for zero preventable harm)
  • no waste (eliminating waste by ensuring there is effective and efficient care)
  • no waits (minimising waits for care with a target of no waits in the future)
  • working together (communicating, learning and sharing knowledge)

Patient safety and risk management

Patient and staff safety is a key part of the Transformation programme, incorporating clinical risk, health and safety, complaints and clinical ethics. The clinical governance role is underpinned by the clinical audit and outcomes services.

This joined-up approach ensures that we have a direct link into patient experience as well as the broader clinical governance, monitoring and improvement processes across the organisation.

The overall aim is to ensure that clinical and non-clinical risks are managed appropriately to improve safety for patients, families and staff.

The hospital has a dedicated department which acts as a resource to all clinical teams and corporate areas providing expert advice, and support on all aspects of risk management.

Identifying and reporting safety issues early ensures that the appropriate controls can be put in place to reduce the likelihood of those risks occurring again.

Demonstrating excellence in our clinical outcomes

We make sure our clinical outcomes keep us among the world's top five children's hospitals.

The specialised care we provide sometimes means we cannot directly compare what we are doing with other UK centres.  We have looked for ways to compare our clinical performance both against agreed standards or, where possible, with other organisations nationally and internationally to look at how we are doing over time.

Measuring clinical outcomes

All the clinical services in the hospital are developing ways to measure the outcomes of their care to show how well they are doing.

We have provided examples of clinical outcomes from some of our specialties:

Specialist care

Patient experience - deliver an excellent experience

Patient experience can be defined as "feedback from patients on what actually happened in the course of receiving care or treatment, both the objective facts and their subjective view of it" (Dr. Foster's Intelligent Board report 2010-Patient Experience).

In 2010 Great Ormond Street Hospital defined Patient Experience as:

 "This is what happened to me and this is how I feel about it."

We have a number of ways of measuring patient and parent satisfaction including our annual survey conducted by an independent researcher.

Great Ormond Street Hospital has had a public and patient involvement strategy since 2009 and is currently putting together a new three-year strategy. This strategy looks at ways to ensure that  the hospital listens and acts on the feedback it receives.