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Our interpreting team

Two interpreters sat on a bench in GOSH

Our Arabic interpreting and translating team primarily provide an interpretation and translation service to help you and your child’s clinical team to communicate effectively. They are based on every ward in the International and Private Patient Division.

The team ensures that medical information is exchanged accurately and completely, so that you can take a full and informed role in your child’s care. They can also translate generic information to help you settle into the hospital more easily.

  • Saya Habib
    Saya Habib
    Arabic Interpreting team Leader
  • Khawla Witri
    Khawla Witri
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Suhad Al Selam
    Suhad Al Selam
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Venus Rida
    Venus Ridha
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Fawwaz Zeidan
    Fawwaz Zeidan
    The Translating Team Leader
  • Hanna
    Hanna Slaiman
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Maab Najem
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Abdusalam
    Abdusalam Zbida
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Sara
    Sara Abdullah
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Yad
    Yad Atar
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Fadi
    Fadi Al Geriass
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Hanan
    Hanan Abusnaimeh
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Mohammed Sbaita
    Mohammed Sbaita
    Arabic Interpreter
  • Ullin Hope
    Ullin Hope
    Arabic Interpreter
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