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Meet Aysha, aka Flowergirl

Saving the world – one twirl at a time


Aysha has always been a spirited force of nature, from the moment she was born in the UAE five years ago. Despite being diagnosed with cancer at an early age, Aysha’s enthusiasm and unique outlook on life has never changed. She just grew stronger.  

It was during Aysha’s time at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London where the first glimpses of Aysha’s superhero alter-ego ‘Flowergirl’ came to life. Described by nurses as an extremely caring, charismatic and courageous young girl, she touched the lives of everyone she would meet at GOSH with her energetic twirling and non-stop smiling.  

Inspired by nature and all things pretty, Aysha wanted to harness her ‘flower power’ even further and this is where the courageous and fearless Flowergirl was born. 

With just one magical twirl, Flowergirl can make the gloomiest flowers blossom, the emptiest rainforests regrow and the weariest trees flourish. Truly the queen of nature, there is nothing which can get in the way of Flowergirl and her enthusiasm for the true beauty of life.  

“We enjoyed the experience and it was very organised,” Aysha’s father explains. “We hadn’t done anything like this before and we didn’t know what to expect but Aysha really enjoyed herself. Thank you for helping organise this experience.”  

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Superhope aims to have a positive impact on the journey of GOSH families from the Middle East by transforming children into superheroes and showing them first-hand the real power of imagination. At GOSH, we strive to create a fun and caring environment where children can bring to life their inner superhero.

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